Celler de l’Arbocet, chooses every year, the most outstanding and accepted dishes, tracing an own style with a lot of personality different from the well-known dishes.
Fighting to offer you the best products and the best service, together with an inconditional dedication, always bear in mind: “not to forget the grandmother’s cooking, enriching it with it imagination and vitality.”

Our maximum respect for the season products has become our identity mark, as well as our daily way of working.

It is because of all this that we can offer you an extense variety of suggestions everyday. Suggestions that nature provides us in a natural and capricious way.

Our spirit of hard work was a major boost to open the new restaurant. It is located in an old manor house from the XVIII century that belonged to Marc Ribes’ family.


In 2020 we were awarded 1 SOL in the Repsol Guide as a reward for our dedication.
In 2021 we continue with this distinction again.

For reservations call 977 850 052
(Reservations are not accepted by email)